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Interactive language courses for your corporate success.

In today's human resources development, recruiting international specialists is a competitive advantage.
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A solid knowledge of the German language is the key to sustainable integration. Sufficient language skills increase the likelihood of successful employment and offer your company a great potential of skilled personnel.

Interactive video language courses are the perfect way to individually and successfully learn German. From a first dive into the language and culture to profession-specific German for various business sectors.

3 phases of learning German

Phase 1: Starter Package

Introductory video course which explains the 100 most important sentences and situations. The Starter Package helps to cope with the first days in Germany.

Phase 2: Fluency and confidence in Everyday German

General language courses / Integration courses
From  A1 to B2

Phase 3: Profession-specific German

From B2 to C1, e.g. German for Occupaional Safety, German for  Nursing and Medicine, German for the Gastronomy

Profession-Specific German
Fit for the job from B2 to C1

New to the job, international employees often feel insecure in subject-specific situations. To help them speak the same language with their colleagues, the papagei video language courses offer a wide range of situation- and profession-specific business courses. They prepare learners in the areas of language comprehension, vocabulary, reading and speaking, and were specifically developed for the most important business situations.

Technical German
German for Warehouse Logistics
German for Occupational Safety
German for the Gastronomy
Overview of your learning content
40hours of learning per language course
200language learning videos for the job
6profession-specific areas to choose from
1200pronunciation exercises
1400interactive vocabulary exercises
600interactive grammar exercises and tests
General and Everyday German
From the very first steps to integration – from A1 to B2

The general German language courses help to quickly manage everyday situations. The introductory courses support on the very first days after arrival. The first important sentences and everyday situations such as shopping or visits to the doctor are conveyed here. The advanced courses additionally cover more complex topics such as technology, politics, culture and society and accompany your new employees continuously as they settle into their new country.

Starter Package for Refugees
German for Beginners
Everyday German
Education, Values and Culture
Overview of your learning content
70hours of learning per language course
600interactive comprehension exercises
5levels of proficiency: from A1 to C1
480pronunciation exercises
10units with 6 language learning videos each
420interactive grammar exercises and tests
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