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Efficient onboarding with Trenkwalder Learning

The onboarding of new employees includes a complete induction at all levels. This ranges from a precise explanation of the area of responsibility, to the presentation of the company’s goals and philosophy, to social integration. This process should begin immediately after the contract has been signed and finishes at the earliest with the end of the trial period or at the end of the first year at the latest. With an efficient onboarding program, you inspire your employees and talents right from the start. With optimal induction, you ensure long-term loyalty and satisfaction of your employees. All compulsory training and instruction is also covered in the onboarding process. This ensures that your employees are fully prepared for their job and “ready to go”.

The 3 phases of onboarding processes

The preparation phase

The preparation phase includes the so-called pre-boarding. It describes the period of time between the signing of the contract and the first day of work. In this phase, you aim to position your company as a professional and caring employer.

The orientation phase

In this phase, the new employee is introduced to their role and their areas of responsibility. Here, the onboarding process includes understanding the company’s values and getting to know new colleagues as well as typical processes.

The integration phase

This last phase is crucial for the successful onboarding of new employees. During this period, employers need to ensure that the new team member is fully integrated into the company and is able to act upon their own initiave.

Successful onboarding is essential

A structured onboarding process in three phases is the first step to efficiently increase the success of your business. In partnership with your company, Trenkwalder Learning develops customized solutions for your onboarding processes and revolutionizes the way you integrate new team members. We develop custom-fit, interactive trainings that are tailored to your content and aims. Our multiple award-winning learning platform enables flexible learning as well as a learning methode that effectively supports the development of your employees.

Your requirements – our solutions


Trenkwalder Learning offers innovative, highly efficient video trainings as mobile learnings. In line with the requirements of the modern working world, employees can always access their learning materials: anytime and anywhere.


During the onboarding phase, numerous instructions and training courses have to be completed. Trenkwalder Learning offers these legally valid courses in a collective form and even takes over the reminders for the annual repetition.


Thanks to our perfectly designed onboarding program, your managers and personnel development save time during the induction phase and can thus invest their manpower in new, exciting projects.


Our structured onboarding process ensures that your new team members are quickly ready to go. Additionally, it supports long-term loyalty and identification with your company. This means an effective reduction of costs.


Professional onboarding strategies increase staff retention and satisfaction. As word usually gets around fast, your company will benefit from positive effects on recruiting and employer branding.


Your learners can download automatically generated certificates after the completion of a course. In addition, customisable reports and inidividual progress summaries allow you to monitor the learning progress of your employees.

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